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PPP for CSP Technology Improvement Activity of CRESP Phase II-final
Call for Proposals
PPP No.: A3-SG-2018-01
Implementing Organization: CRESP PMO
The China Renewable Energy Scale-up Program (CRESP) has been developed by the Government of China (GOC) in cooperation with the World Bank (WB) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to provide assistance with the implementation of a renewable energy policy development and investment program. It aimed at promoting the scale-up development of renewable energy, providing high efficiency commercial renewable energy to the market. The first phase began from 2005 and ended in 2010, covering investment project and technical assistant. The second phase of CRESP began from December of 2013, which consists of policy research, renewable energy integration and technical design, renewable energy technology improvement, renewable energy pilot demonstration and capacity building and investment. CRESP Program Management Office is in charge of the implementation of CRESP under the lead of National Energy Agency.
As a part of RE Technology Improvement Component, PMO plan to support CSP technology improvement activities through proposal competition. This activity is aiming to facilitate and encourage eligible entities to invest in technology improvement of key equipment manufacture for CSP plants. Technology Improvement can be achieved through Technology Development or Technology Transfer. Investment in Technology Improvement will be encouraged by cost sharing the implementation of Technology Improvement projects prepared by eligible entities.
Parties such as CSP equipment manufacturer (systems and components), users of CSP equipment, and research, development, testing, standardization and certification institutions are welcome to respond to this invitation if their activities are directly relevant to developing CSP equipment manufacture. The proposals must aim to improve the quality or operation, or reduce the cost of equipment for CSP power plants.
Under this activity, the facility is looking in particular for proposals in the following technology areas:
•        Technology improvement according to local condition in China;
•        Parabolic trough CSP technology, especially in receiver manufacture, collector frame, swivel joints and integration of solar field with power block,
•        Tower CSP technology, especially in mirror manufacture, heliostats, heliostat driving unit, receiver validation, control and integration of heliostats with receiver and solar field with power block;
•        Linear Fresnel CSP technology
•        Hot tank and hot molten salt system
•        Salts to be used for heat storage, conventional mixture quality assurance and economic/technical feasibility of new mixtures
•        Heat transfer fluids able to operate at low temperatures
•        Control systems integration.
The Proposal Preparation Package provides: more detailed information, the standard application form and instructions for completing; the standard application form can be downloaded from the CRESP website: www.cresp.org.cn.
The Proposal should be sent to following address before April 30th, 2018:
Add: Room 2004, Guohong Plaza Building B, Muxidibeili A 11#, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100038, China
Contact Person: Ms Lu Lisha
Tel: 010-63908088
Fax: 010-63908085
Email: lulisha@cresp.org.cn
Please note on the envelope: CSP Technology Improvement Activity, and proposals received after the deadline, for whatever reason, will not be taken into consideration.
The proposal and all information provided will be treated by the PMO as highly confidential.
Eligible entities replying to this tender do this at their own risk. The PMO reserves the right to reject any proposal and to cancel the entire solicitation process without any obligation to inform the proponents of the grounds for these actions. The PMO will not accept any liability for the cost incurred to respond to this invitation.
Eligible entities requiring additional information or clarification on any aspect of this call for proposals are encouraged to contact the PMO promptly [Lu Lisha] by e-mail or telephone.


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